Feb 18, 2011

Utility Pockets: Update 2/18/11

So I've been outside all week. Specifically, I've been helping to build an outdoor classroom for a preschool, which has involved digging large holes, and cementing benches into them. That means that not only am I exceedingly dirty as I type this post, but also that my jacket is simply filthy. Before I put it in the wash, though, I've got to empty my pockets. And so, I present to you the contents of my Utility Pockets:

  • One headlamp
  • Two pairs of 3D glasses
  • One bag of Apple-Cinnamon Cheerios (1/3 full)
  • One bag of Honey-Nut Cheerios (nearly empty)
    • UPDATE: empty
  • One pair of clip-on sunglasses
  • Two pencils
  • One fountain pen
  • That Zebra pen that I raved about last time I presented the status of the Utility Pockets
  • One blue Staples pen
  • Five physics problems on small slips of paper
  • One pair of very cheap earbuds (used only once, for a test I was randomly selected for)
  • One nasal cannula (basically, a breathing device that can be attached to a supplemental oxygen take for basic life support)
  • Three chocolate wrappers
  • One small clump of dirt
  • One business card for Ken Salaz, a magician
    • The back says "You will think of Lois and choose the word voices," which was relevant to one of his tricks
  • My learner's permit
  • Half of a ticket to my school's production of The Crucible
  • One business card for my school's Assistant Headmaster (signed)
  • One Dingoo Digital A320 gaming device
Just, you know. FYI.

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