Oct 24, 2010

A Note on the Title

It is worth mentioning, I feel, why this blog is so entitled. I seem to have a private lexicon of words that I use that no one else really uses. Some of these I pick up from other people by accident; others, I just decide are nice words, and I start using them ad nauseum. A few weeks ago a friend of mine tried to compile a dictionary of these words. Here's a sampling:

  • Mildly, moderately, borderline, thoroughly, balls, mad - Intensifier adverbs.
    • "That's moderately amusing," "This is balls cool," etc.
  • Upsetting, exciting - My two main emotion adjectives.
    • "Well, that's just upsetting."
  • HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG - A frustrated interjection.
  • Oh, excellent - My means of expressing discontent. But like, with a :\ face. Not as if to legitimately express joy with the situation at hand.
    • "My cat has just been run over." " Oh, excellent."
  • Obv, natch - Obviously, naturally. I pronounce the former "ob-vee." Often used facetiously.
    • "I left your papers in your closet." "Oh, obv. ???"
  • Trash receptacle - General term for wastebasket, trash can, etc.
    • "Is there a trash receptacle nearby?"
There are, of course, countless other words I have trademarked, but those should ideally become apparent as more blog posts transpire. (There's one, actually. Transpire.)

It is also worth mentioning that I have a set of rather uncommon emotions. Most of these I acquire from other people, which always makes me afraid that they're going to get upset at me for using their emoticons. My primarily used emoticons are as follows:
c:  :c  C:  :C  c':  :'c  C':  :'C  >:C  >:c  >:O  O:<  >:o  o:<  D:<  D:  D8  :>  :<  :o :O  :|  :\  ._.  >.<  o.O
The apostrophe, of course, means that I'm crying either from joy or from sadness.


  1. I could go for hours listing my lexicon. This list is incredibly abridged.

  2. c: :c C: :C c': :'c C': :'C >:C >:c >:O O:< >:o o:< D:< D: D8 :> :< :o :O :| :\ ._. >.< o.O

    oh my goodness.