Nov 25, 2010

Classical Music And Me, Part II - now with video!

So, I recently posted about how I don't listen to classical music like a normal person. (If you missed that one, it's over here.) Shortly after posting, I received the following comment:
"Dear Greg,
Why didn't you include a video? I don't want to read about you saying baddaddadd."
I received a similar complaint in real life this week, saying that one's imagination can only go so far. The answer was obvious: I needed a recording of myself jamming out.

There were a few qualifications to my video: it had to be relatively candid, for one. [BREAK - to be explained below] So I decided that I needed to have a recording of my listening to music while doing something else. The logical decision was to type up this very blog post during the recording process. This was actually extra-helpful, as it gives you a real impression of how little work I can do while listening - I type at 100WPM and don't really need to think too much in order to make this post, since I already know what to say, so I should be able to more than finish this entire post in the seven minutes that my selected song would take. Well, I wrote [BREAK] above where the song finished. That should give you a pretty good impression of how vastly inefficient I become.

So without further ado, I present to you my video. The piece is the overture to Giuseppe Verdi's La Forza Del Destino, which I played last year and have faithfully listened to since. I should reiterate two things: one, that I don't pretend to believe that I have a good voice (although in all fairness I wasn't thinking about my pitch), and two, that this is actually candid. Nothing in this video was done for the sake of making it funny or interesting to watch. This is just what I do.

Also you're definitely not obligated to watch the whole thing.

Chicks dig musicians, right?